DoctorCite is the first of its kind site for virtual health consultations!

virtual health consultations


Doctor Cite is first of its kind in being a technology centric & patient friendly platform that brings medical consultation home. Now, with easy access to the internet, you can take advice from the best healthcare specialists from any part of the w ...

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Online Doctors!

Certified doctors

Doctor Cite is a virtual platform with real-time experience which is made possible by a team of Certified Doctors. They bring in experience and exceptional expertise in ..

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our process

All you have to do is to register on the site with E- Mail verification which will make you a member for free. The registration form is available on the site which needs ..

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health articles

Psychiatry is a vast and intricate field of medicine which is practiced only by doctors who are qualified or specialized in psychiatry. Suffice to say that psychiatry deals with ...

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