General FAQ

What is doctor cite?

DoctorCite.com is a leading consumer-centric health portal, where users can interact with qualified Doctors and other community members within seconds.

Technical FAQ

Do i need a camera to start a consultation?

Using a web camera is not mandatory but it is advisable, in order to give the doctor a more precise idea of your condition in some cases.

What camera do you recommend me to use?

It is advisable that you use a camera having as a minimum the following technical characteristics: Frames per second: 25 fps definition:

User FAQ

I am having problems with flash player?

As far as we are aware, version 10 of flash might cause problems in showing (online) content and in rare occasions cause the browser to collapse. If you are facing such problems, please uninstall version 10 and install the older one – 9. You can download the older flash from: http://www.oldversion.com/program.php?n=flashp Make sure that all browser windows and online programs, such as msn, skype, yahoo messenger are closed before you proceed with installation. .

How can i be sure that my personal information is protected?

Your personal information is not disclosed to third parties. All parts of the forms are ssl-encrypted for general protection. Doctorcite uses only the latest encryption technologies to protect your data. To make sure, look for the locked padlock if you are using internet explorer, firefox or a similar browser