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Half full or Half empty?

I wonder how ‘The Eternal Optimist’ amongst us, (usually the most irritating one in any congregation), the one who points to the half-full glass, would react to our pestilential pandemic!

Sport events go on in empty stadia; Theatre art and Museums see no footfall; Corridors of the Mecca of shopping-the great malls, have been shushed into silence. In this emptiness, there is no half-full glass to raise a toast to at your corner pub, for the half-full man to cheer.

We would all in fact, be happy to spy upon a half-empty cup even.

This sums up what the pandemic has really killed, aside from the visible toll of human lives… Human optimism.

We are so starved of optimism in the air that we would grab any straw, even nostradamic prophesies of one discredited psychic named Sylvia Browne who in her 2008 predictions foresaw a Covid type of attack on mankind in 2020, which in her words ‘suddenly vanishes as quickly as it arrived’, though it defies any scientific imagination!

If only this comes true, I would love to share a full glass with Sylvia the psychic, and so would each one of you, vaccine or no vaccine!


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