Video Consultation

Procedure for members (Patients & Healthcare seekers)

All you have to do is to register on the site with E- Mail verification which will make you a member for free. The registration form is available on the site which needs to be duly filled in with mandatory details. Once you submit your member registration form, you will receive an E – Mail to authenticate your mail address which will also require you to verify your E – Mail. You can reset your login details for security purposes.

Find the Doctor you want

Once you are a registered member, you can access physician profiles to narrow down your search for the appropriate Doctor you may want to consult.

Buy Credits

You are required to buys credits based on the extent you may want to utilize payable services. You can track your credit balance and add credits based on the time and type of consultation you want to schedule for.

Ask a question

Registered members can submit health related queries through Ask a Question which would be clarified for absolutely free.

Schedule a meeting

Registered users can schedule a meeting with any physician which is need based which would be charged from the credit balance.

Video conference

As scheduled, users can meet the respective physician through video conferencing upon confirmation. Physicians will assist members on their health related concerns through an interactive approach.


Post video conference, members can share their experience and suggest areas for improvement through constructive feedback.

Procedure for providers (Physicians & Healthcare providers)

If you are a healthcare practitioner and wish to participate on Doctor Cite, you need to register as a Doctor. The registration form is available on the site and it is mandatory to fill in all the details.

The activation of any physician’s account is subject to admin verification and credentialing process. Once this process is complete which includes the verification of certifications from respective boards, you will receive an E – Mail which will activate your account.

Schedule a meeting

Once you are a registered practitioner with Doctor Cite, you can select the period of your availability for online consultation and video conferencing. You can respond to meeting requests and schedule the same according to your preference.

Submit feedback

Post consultation session, you can review the meeting and submit your feedback.