Meditate to Ease Labour Pains

PregnentFirst time mom's would be anxious about ther birth of the new-born.  Each woman experiences labor differently. Some women are more sensitive to pain than others and medical factors such as the size and the position of the baby affect the amount of pain and duration labour. One cannot predict how the labour and delivery will go.  But planning ahead can definitely help ease labour pains.
Yogic breathing energises the mother and the child and helps control stressful situations.  Expectant mother feels relaxed enabling her to have a positive approach to labour.  It increases the stamina and vitality promoting an easy delivery with minimum distress and fatigue during labour.  Physical and respiratory exercises should be done alternatively in order to avoid tiredness,  Complete yogic breathing regimen includes abdominal, upper chest and clavicular breathing.
WHile expelling the child, it is essential for the woman not to lese her breath control.  For this, Lamaze breathing techniques are taught to help the woman to learn to control her respiration as well as her muscles during bearing down period.  Then she will have no difficulty in following the instructions of her doctor during child birth.
Meditation helps the expectant mother remain in a tranquil state and makes her bonding with the baby easier.  The chanting of holy mantras helps in the development of the brain in a positive way.  Meditative postures include cross legged posture etc.  Here the body resembles like triangle symbolising harmony and balance.  Yoganidra is a systematic method of ensuring complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.  The state of our mind and that of our dodies are united.
When our muscles are relaxed our mind relaxes too.  To relax is to rejuvanate.  This relaxation technique requires a few minutes and is very effective in day to day lives.